OK, so let me get this straight… A company called Mo Money Taxes with this logo is writing bad refund checks and defrauding its customers?

I’m shocked!

I’m even more shocked by the number of people in the Hampton Roads area who were willing to go on camera and admit they were un-smart enough to get their taxes done at Mo Money Taxes. I’d probably have broken a window, but… un uh.

Mo Money customers have more problems: wavy.com

Part 2:

Mo Money customers have more problems: wavy.com

My friend Damon said getting your taxes done by these folks is “Darwinism at work,” and although that may be a bit harsh, I’m inclined to agree with his sentiment. I mean there’s “keeping it real/in the community” and then there’s just “dumb sh!t.” I do hope these people get their money, though. Especially the guy in the video with the skully on. He looks really mad.

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