I finally bought an iPod last weekend. I’m loving it. Music is my favorite thing in life and now I don’t have to carry 50 million CDs and a discman with me wherever I go. Sidebar, my friend Nikia would die if she read that last sentence I typed because she says that “50 million” is the default number all Black people use to illustrate ‘a lot’ of something. She hates it and for whatever reason it gets under her skin when she hears someone do it. It makes me laugh, thus I do it all the time.
 Moving on… I’m old school so I’ve always had real headphones – the kind that go over your head and cover your ears. But the iPod came with those little ear bud phones… and me no likey. They fit fine in my right ear, but it won’t stay in my left ear for nothin’. And it kinda hurts after a while. Do I have a retarded left ear? Do other people have this problem? I never thought my ears were misshapen but I’m starting to think they might be. I gotta go get some new old school (does that make any sense?) headphones asap.
 This morning I was on myspace and there was this link at the bottom of the page. “Are You Gay? – Take the test.” I didn’t click it, but I imagine it’s a pretty short test. Two questions… (1) Are you a man? (2) Do you like having sex with men?
 No not the end of the blog, the end of the test. I did a show at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse last nite and comedian Danny Rouhier went up before me and basically trashed all I hold near and dear. Jon Bon Jovi, the Philadelphia Eagles… Being the uber-proud Jersey girl that I am, I think I’ll have to put Danny on probation. Bon Jovi is and will always be the man and his hair IS still cool. I love him. The 80’s were an amazing time to grow up in Jersey… I was White back then. But it’s ok, all Black people in Jersey were a little White in the 80’s. We loved Bon Jovi, Bruce, we teased our hair like White girls and used hair spray – even though we didn’t need it. We recovered when Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah, Redman and Poor Righteous Teachers gave us some Jersey hip-hop to be proud of… but if it hadn’t been for them, please believe I’d still be using AquaNet.
 Peace Out… from your fave reformed mall chick.

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