Right this second I am listening to Jerry Seinfeld’s “I’m Telling Your for the Last Time” on my iPod… I forgot how funny this CD was. I used to know it word for word but ever since I bought my iPod, I’ve been going thru my old CDs trying to load it up. I loaded this CD on it this morning and I can’t stop listening to it. That Halloween bit is HI-LARIOUS… If you don’t know it, you gotta listen to it. If you have it, pull it out of the crates… It’s especially funny for me because I was never allowed to dress up for Halloween as a kid… And I totally didn’t get it. I didn’t know OR CARE about it being the ‘devil’s holiday’. All I knew is that there was free candy being given out and apparently my parents hated me b/c they wouldn’t let me participate… OK no more rambling for today. I’m out.

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