So I just got home from a road trip which covered several events and cities, not the least of which was my visit to Raleigh, NC to open for Bill Maher at the tapings for his latest HBO special. The photo above is me in Raleigh on my way from the hotel to the Progress Energy Center — the venue for the shows. Yaaaaay!


The venue was gorgeous and seated about 2,300.


By far the largest venue I’ve ever performed in, it was imposing while it was empty. You can’t even see the wings to the left and right. When it was full it was one of the best feelings in the world. When I walked out on stage I actually closed my eyes for a few seconds and imagined all the people were there to see me… Some day I hope. The HBO folks were nice enough to make me a recording of one of the shows. They edited it multi-camera as if it were my special too. It looks awesome. Clips to come for sure.

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These ladies were the models underneath the burkas in the fashion show at the end of the special.


And this is me with the man.

We chatted maybe once or twice but being the huge fan that I am, it was certainly enough. I know how I can be before just before I get up at a regular show. I can only imagine the adrenaline, excitement, and even nerves that must be stirring when you’re taping a live HBO special. He was very nice. I’ve been going through a really tough time these past few months. And when I got home last nite I rushed to download these photos because I needed to remind myself why I sacrifice to do what I do. It’s almost like each of them is saying, “Hey, EJ don’t be discouraged. Look at all the wonderful opportunities you’ve been blessed with. And look what’s possible if you continue to work hard.”

Exactly what I needed. Have a great week, guys.

4 thoughts on “Mr. Maher and Me — a photo essay

  1. Dr Jenny

    SO happy for you!! I know the road has not or will not be easy but without the process you won’t have a fabulous story to tell when you make it REALLY big. One day you can blame your poor behavior on being rich and famous like Mr. Woods. Can’t wait to attend that press conference :)

  2. Isa J

    What a wonderful experience!! OMG EJ, don’t get discouraged!!! I’m very serious when I say that you are my hero :). OJ and I are soooo proud of you and we always talk about how amazing your success has been already. All the stars are aligned – you are going to be a huge star! You’re so talented and you have such amazing courage :). I know the road is bumpy but the good thing is that you keep moving forward!

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