Hey y’all! Back home for a beat and put together this quick little recap of my trip to Appleton, WI this past weekend. I was working at the Skyline Comedy Cafe and although the shows were a blast, I didn’t rent a car so I got cabin fever towards the end of the week. Check out the video for ensuing hijinx. Who knows, this may be my next foray into shameless ploys to get people who come out to the shows to visit my website — maybe I can shoot a silly video blog in every town.

Yeah, you’re right… I’m way too lazy for that ;) Y’all know me so well.

Anywayz, I hope you enjoy ;)

4 thoughts on “Me In Your City: Appleton, WI

  1. Erin

    Ooooooh, I’ve always wanted to see roller derby live. Thanks Jenny! The other comic I was with wanted to go to a Timber Rattlers game but they were all at showtime so we couldn’t go.

    And Ansel… I had to divorce myself from the symbolism of the hat while doing this… though I must admit I really don’t despise the Packers. They’re sort of irrelevant to me. But I know how those divisional rivalries are. I certainly couldn’t have worn anything that supported another NFC East Team.

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