Tina Turner blessed me with Holy Water in a greenhouse

Comedy at a crab picking? … Check.

Comedy in a synagogue? … Check.

Guess I can cross Comedy in a greenhouse off my bucket list too!

Exhale… I love my job.

Greenstreet Gardens Center, Lothian, MD

Greenstreet Gardens Center, Lothian, MD

I did a private show last nite just outside Washington at a garden center called Greenstreet Gardens. It’s a straight shot – maybe 30 minutes – from my house but it almost seemed like a different world. Driving up from the street all I saw was the huge greenhouse in the back. But they also have a super-cute gift shop in the front — I would totally go back and patronize them. I bought a soy candle with a cranberry scent… It’s heavenly. I’m burning it right now. YUM! But anyway back to the story — the staff was having a Ladies Night appreciation event for their customers and so they had it catered with good food and wine and I was the entertainment.


Nice digs!

They rented a stage and a curtain and a sound system for me  and put it in the greenhouse. Awwww…


The "What's in your purse?" scorecard.

And what would any ladies nite be without the “What’s in your purse?” game… Any woman reading this post has probably played this game at a shower of some sort… If you’re not familiar, here’s how it goes: The host will pass out a sheet with a list of items ranging from “normal” (lipstick, powder) to “no freakin’ way” (pliers, a screwdriver) and there’s a point value associated with every item. And basically the person with the most items on the list in their purse wins a prize.

Well this game was going along just like any other I’d participated in. There was a prize for the winner of each item category and a grand prize winner as well. But then there was a twist at the end. The host for the evening asked which guest thought she had the most outrageous item in her purse and said there would be a prize for the winner. And I was thinking: How do you judge that? There’s no point system for that… Continue reading →