So back in April I wrote this blog about how I wasn’t able to add Rahsaan Patterson — one of my favorite singers in the world — as a friend on Myspace. His profile said he didn’t accept comedians, blah blah, blah…It was an admittedly lame blog. But it was also an EFFECTIVE blog. Because on Wednesday, I got an e-mail from one Rahsaan Patterson saying that he read my blog, changed his privacy settings and could accept me now as a friend. Yeee-haw!!!

Thanks to one of my girlfriends who apparently brought this issue to his attention, I received the following e-mail from him… You don’t get the whole thing — just the highlights ;) :

so, a friend of yours sent me a message today.
she mentioned you were not accepted as a friend on my page.
a few weeks ago someone else sent a message saying, a friend of theirs, who is also a comedian wasn’t accepted also.
i went to my settings, saw they were somehow not fixed to accept requests from comedians, and i changed it.

sorry for the mishap and THANKS so much for buying my music….well at least 3 of them. ;)

if you tell me which one you don’t have i’ll have it mailed to you. :)



Cool huh?

The internet is magic ;) What a nice guy… Thanks Rahsaan!

Buy his albums!!!

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  2. DWJ

    Feel free to say that it is ME, your fabulous friend, DWJ, who wrote Rahsaan! You can put it out there. I should have also blogged about his greatness to get him to email me too…I’m so damn jealous! I can’t wait to see him in concert next week!

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