Hey y’all, I know I haven’t written in awhile, but I’ve been really busy lately… and I’ve got like 6 or 7 new/resurrected bits I’m really excited about, so hooray for that!!!
 Let’s see, I recently did a showcase at a club where one of the comics said he had moved to Baltimore two months earlier because he got a role on “Homicide – Life on the Street.”
 I was sitting at a table with comedy buds Mike Storck, Rob Maher, Dave George and others and the looks on all of our faces was pure shock. “Homicide?” Are you serious? I think it’s time to change your setup – or maybe even quit. Quit comedy. That show’s been off the air since the 90’s. I think was wearing a pair of stonewashed jeans and a scrunchy during the series finale. My boy Robbie-Rob wrote a great blog about it – a must read.
 On Wednesday, I entered a competition at the Baltimore Comedy Factory, just so I could get some stage time in front of the new booker and I won. Woo hoo!!! It was just the first prelim, but the grand prize of the competition is $2500. Unfortunately there is no second prize, so cross your fingers and come out and support me in the semifinals and (hopefully) finals. Audience vote counts. More info to come.
 Went back to the Factory last nite to catch Mr. Politically Incorrect himself – one Mr. Nick DiPaolo and the show was great. I’ve worked with Nick before and hope to again, and I absolutely love his live show. He can just get away with things other people can’t and make me laugh at things I know I shouldn’t. If you’re trying to put a face with the name and you’ve seen Lucky Louie on HBO, he plays the building super. He’s awesome. If you’re not a fan, become one. The feature was a friend of his from Boston – a very funny guy. The emcee was DC local comic Tyler Sonnichsen who did a fine job.
 I was having a convo with some other comics over dinner the other nite and we were talking about our influences and comics that we are fans of. Those are two different things but a lot of people don’t understand that. Like I’m a fan of Dave Attell, Nick DiPaolo, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin. I love what they do. But they are not my comedic influences. I mean of course studying great comics helps tremendously, but in terms of style and the voice I have (think I have/want to have) I feel like I’m influenced by Cosby, DeGeneres, Seinfeld, Maher, Ajaye, Rock…. Clearly, I’m nowhere near their level, but I think they’re the most responsible for the comic and I am and will become.
 Anyways, I’ll try to write more often. ‘Til then.

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