So next weekend I’m going to my HS reunion. I can’t believe it’s been that long already, but I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m from Jersey and I’m so interested to see what everyone looks like now, you know, without the starched bangs and super heavy eyeliner and stuff. Tee hee :)… Our reunion has a website and people have been signing the guestbook like yeah, I’m doing all these fabulous things with my life and at first when I was reading through it, I started to feel a little inadequate… but then I realized some of those folks are probably lying. I’ll let you know if my theory holds up when I get back. I mean why not. None of us know each other anymore. If I had thought about it harder, I would have made up a fanTAStic story. Shoot, I still might! I’m gonna try and see everyone I can while I’m home especially my godson. He’ll forever be seven in my act, but he’s getting so big in real life I almost can’t take it. Maybe I’ll take him to my reunion and try to pass him off as my own. I’m just saying, kids make for better stories… Anyway, it’s 4:28 a.m. so I’m gonna get in bad now.

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