From the Blog to the Stage: My Latino Teeth

So here’s a short new bit that combines the stories of my recent root canal and the tale of my visit to the dentist’s office last year due to evil popcorn. Both trips hurt my mouth, my bank account, but most of all, my feelings. Go back and check out the earlier post after the vid if you like. Perhaps you’ve had a similar visit?…

I hope you enjoy.

EJ and EB

I know I’ve been a lazy, lazy blogger.

I’d like to tell you I’ve been working non-stop or that I was busy mapping out my 5-year plan. But I don’t wanna lie. I’ve just been lazy. I did venture out to the mall today to kick it with my homie, EB. Thought these photos might tide you over until I got over my writer’s block…


We heart each other.




Not sure why he was playing hard to get here, but we clearly go together… He’s my BF when Santa’s up North