In the meantime…

So this lag in posting is becoming a habit… Thus, a lot has happened since my last post. Worked a week in FL with my boy Vince Morris. The club was in Ocala. It’s been open less than 2 months. A friend of Vince’s owns it. It was a beautiful room… and except for the Thursday nite group (their necks were a little red…) the crowds were awesome. There was this really cool wine shoppe/lounge across the street from the club. The owner created her own wine and she has food and live folk music there… Really nice. During the day mostly I slept. It was a very productive trip. I shared a condo with the emcee for the week – Will Watkins from West Palm (say that 3x fast). Great guy and a funny comic. On Friday the 13th there was a black cat clawing the front door, crying and writhing on the ground outside the condo. It spooked me the heck out. Will kept opening the door and making me look. Real talk, I think it was the devil. Boo Will, BOO!

I just finished a good book – Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. I finished it Wednesday nite and e-mailed the author and she had already written me back by the time I checked my e-mail on Thursday morning, so she is officially my new favorite author.

While I was in FL, I wrote this great new bit about jazz. I am in LOVE with the joke. I think I might start doing it twice during my set and see if anyone notices :) I probably won’t do it this weekend b/c I’m doing a college show and college kids don’t really listen to jazz – or comedians they haven’t seen on TV… but since I gotta go to Rhode Island tomorrow I loaded up my iPod with all the episodes from this season of LOST. Since I’ve been missing it on Wednesday nites, I figured I can catch up this weekend. Hooray for Amtrak. OK, so that’s it for now. Talk to you all when I get back.

Puppy love

I was quoted in a story in The Politico last week about the MC Rove skit at the Radio and TV Correspondents’ Dinner. I was happy the reporter asked me to contribute, but I wish they’d chosen some of my other quotes — like how NBC’s Ken Strickland – the only Black person in the skit – sold his soul to the devil… or how old white men making a fool of themselves is ALWAYS funny… or what Karl Rove must have been thinking when he woke up the next morning… 
I’ve been running around like crazy lately, haven’t had a lot of time to write here, I’m backlogged on LOST episodes, but I’m hoping to change that within the next few weeks. Got a road trip coming up to Florida next week, which should be nice. I don’t know what there is to do in Ocala, but the weather should certainly be nice.
I’ve received a lot of well wishes and oh-don’t-sweat-it’s regarding my last post and I really appreciate it y’all. I was stressed beyond measure about what an idiot I may have made of myself, but really I’m over it. If/when it happens, I will deal with it then (turns over new leaf). 
I just realized how every paragraph in this entry begins with the word “I”. That’s pretty self-centered, I know. But since it’s my blog, I guess it’s ok. My friend Lauren just got a new puppy – a french bulldog. Her name is Nora. She’s 10 weeks old and she’s so amazing. I’ve never had a pet, because I’m allergic to everything with fur — yes that means you, Tony ;) — and my dad was not a fan of pets. “I had pets growing up, and it wasn’t all that.” But Daddy, your parents were sharecroppers. You worked on a farm. Those mules were not your pets. When one of them died, you weren’t sad because you missed it. You were upset because it meant you and your brothers would have to try and pull the plow… Not the same thing at all… I took some allergy medicine and then played with Nora all morning. And now I’m in love. I’m thinking I might be willing to endure the endless itching and throat and eye-swelling for something that loves me that much… Issues anyone? I want a puppy.

Get candy, Get candy, Get candy…

Right this second I am listening to Jerry Seinfeld’s “I’m Telling Your for the Last Time” on my iPod… I forgot how funny this CD was. I used to know it word for word but ever since I bought my iPod, I’ve been going thru my old CDs trying to load it up. I loaded this CD on it this morning and I can’t stop listening to it. That Halloween bit is HI-LARIOUS… If you don’t know it, you gotta listen to it. If you have it, pull it out of the crates… It’s especially funny for me because I was never allowed to dress up for Halloween as a kid… And I totally didn’t get it. I didn’t know OR CARE about it being the ‘devil’s holiday’. All I knew is that there was free candy being given out and apparently my parents hated me b/c they wouldn’t let me participate… OK no more rambling for today. I’m out.