So this lag in posting is becoming a habit… Thus, a lot has happened since my last post. Worked a week in FL with my boy Vince Morris. The club was in Ocala. It’s been open less than 2 months. A friend of Vince’s owns it. It was a beautiful room… and except for the Thursday nite group (their necks were a little red…) the crowds were awesome. There was this really cool wine shoppe/lounge across the street from the club. The owner created her own wine and she has food and live folk music there… Really nice. During the day mostly I slept. It was a very productive trip. I shared a condo with the emcee for the week – Will Watkins from West Palm (say that 3x fast). Great guy and a funny comic. On Friday the 13th there was a black cat clawing the front door, crying and writhing on the ground outside the condo. It spooked me the heck out. Will kept opening the door and making me look. Real talk, I think it was the devil. Boo Will, BOO!

I just finished a good book – Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. I finished it Wednesday nite and e-mailed the author and she had already written me back by the time I checked my e-mail on Thursday morning, so she is officially my new favorite author.

While I was in FL, I wrote this great new bit about jazz. I am in LOVE with the joke. I think I might start doing it twice during my set and see if anyone notices :) I probably won’t do it this weekend b/c I’m doing a college show and college kids don’t really listen to jazz – or comedians they haven’t seen on TV… but since I gotta go to Rhode Island tomorrow I loaded up my iPod with all the episodes from this season of LOST. Since I’ve been missing it on Wednesday nites, I figured I can catch up this weekend. Hooray for Amtrak. OK, so that’s it for now. Talk to you all when I get back.

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