The lyrics are admittedly hokey, but the sentiment is real…

    Here’s a story bout a ni**a named Hate
    Who lived next door to this cat named Great
    See Great did everything Great that he put his mind to
    But Hate had a mind-state he was confined to
    Had a chick named Misery, the neighborhood ho,
    And the company she kept, you know how that go?
    Me, I stayed on Prosperity Street and Success Lane
    Was taught comin’ up in the streets to respect game
    This nigga Jealousy was always telling me how Envy don’t like me
    Envy wanna fight me. See Envy was a shiesty type a ni**a
    Who showed his discontent politely
    Snake in the grass ass ni**a that’d cross you soon as he get the chance.
    Type a ni**a that’d throw salt on your plans
    Teamed up with Hate, tried to sh*t on Great
    Cuz when you make it to the top
    This is what you’ll await.
    With that said,
    You see, if you ever wanted to ever be anything
    There’d always be somebody that’d shoot down any dream
    There’ll always be haters, that’s the way it is
    Hater ni**as marry hater bit***s and have hater kids
    And they be one big hater family

Shake a cup.

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