I haven’t been on a real date in over a year, but I’ve finally decided how I’d like to be proposed to…

Earlier today I posted my proposal fantasy on Facebook. And since I’m sure that you and all my potential suitors are curious, here goes: OK, so it’d be during a game of Words with Friends with my hypothetical boo. He’d keep swapping tiles for some reason, when I knew he had to have the Q and the Z cause I didn’t. And he’d use his tiles to spell words like “husband,” “wife,” and “bedding” because he used his “w” to spell wife and it’s close enough to wedding for me to get the idea… Yup. That’s my idea of perfect.

I ended my status update with: “That’s romance. Don’t nobody try and steal my ish!”

WELL… Not five minutes passed before an old HS acquaintance posted a comment with this story in it. Talk about raining on someone’s parade! She couldn’t have just kept this to herself? Sad Face.

Thanks a lot Dana.

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