So this past Friday and Saturday I worked with Alonzo Bodden at the Montgomery and Arlington Cinema ‘N Drafthouses. Alonzo’s super funny and just in case you don’t know him, he was the Season 3 winner of Last Comic Standing.


I really enjoyed working with him and thought he was a super nice guy. So this is my best “I really don’t want to look uncomfortable because you’re hugging me but you caught me off-guard face”… Because y’all know how I am about the hugging ;) Please notice my complete inability to hug back.

I need to see a shrink.


This is my friend Carrie. She is the namesake of the “Carrie” in my jokes, but I think she’d like me to clear up the fact that she didn’t really say ALL of the things I attribute to her in my act… Of course if you asked her, she might say that she didn’t say ANY of those things. One of us would be lying. It’s up to you to determine… but remember who’s your friend ;)


This is Carrie with her hubby Luke. Luke’s my Jersey homie and one of the funniest people and best cooks I know. Ahem, ahem… Lukie, please invite me back over for dinner.

One thought on “The Last Comic Standing… and me

  1. Beckie

    Curious about the’s ok; my friends use me as a free therapist, so you can share. I noticed Alonzo fully encircled you in the first photo, but your friends, Luke and Carrie semi-circled you. Perhaps it’s a geometric issue…as long as you can see a way out, you’re good to go?! I feel the same way about windowless rooms…they totally creep me out.

    I hope as you keep getting famouser, you continue this blog. You have no idea how many people I’ve not injured because you made me smile.

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