What does your iPod say about you?: Great love songs

OK, so I thought we’d give this another try! The first go-round was fun but I thought maybe this would be an easier entry to comment on. I’m a sucker for a great love song. Lyrics in any music are always my main focus, and this morning I was listening to the “Superfaves” playlist on my iPod and I thought it’d be cool to share some of my all-time favorite love songs with y’all, and see if you guys out there on the Internet.com had any great love songs on your iPod that you’d like to share with the rest of us. Some of the greatest music I’ve ever come across has been the result of someone else’s recommendation.

So here are a few of mine… in no particular order (except that #1 is my favorite of all time):

Nothing Can Change This Love — Sam Cooke
Feels Like Home — Chantal Kreviazuk
Can’t Get Over You — Maze
The Way You Look Tonight — Frank Sinatra
Orange Moon — Erykah Badu
Heaven Must Be Like This — Ohio Players
Make Me Whole — Amel Larrieux
Just Call My Name — Alyson Williams
He Loves Me — Jill Scott
So Amazing — Luther Vandross
I Believe (When I Fall in Love it Will be Forever) & Golden Lady — Stevie Wonder
It’s Been You — Anita Baker
Never Felt This Way — Brian McKnight

What’s on your list?

What you talkin’ bout, iPod?

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of music they listen to. So we here at You’re Welcome, thought it’d be cool to start a new feature called, “What does your iPod say about you?” No pressure, (ahem, ahem), but it’ll only be fun if you participate ;) I thought it’d be cool to list all the artists that fall under a particular letter of the alphabet on my iPod and see what you think they say about me. And then you can send the artists on your playlists, and I can tell you what they say about you. For instance, if you listen to only rap music, your iPod might be saying that you are a 14-year old white kid. See how that works? This is probably gonna fall flat, but it won’t be the first time … or the last ;)

So OK, here goes… Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my “S’s” along with a little color commentary to jump things off: Continue reading →