You don’t want it with Philly


Do you think you did that last season, dude? Because 7-7, 19 TDs, 14 INTs and 10 fumbles. So, no. Nope. GTFOH.

Sometimes I get booked to work a weekend somewhere, and when I get there I find out I’ll be opening for a comic I don’t believe is as strong as I am. But they’ve got a lot of heat or have a better resume than I do… I don’t complain to club management or the booker (that’s what friends are for); my job at that point is just to be as funny as I can and show the club that I deserve to come back to close the next year.

If someone could please explain this concept to Sam Bradford, I’d be super appreciative. No need for this tantrum, bruh. It’s not like you balled out last year or were a longtime member of the squad who deserved better. You just got to Philly! And you only have a 2-year contract. You knew the Eagles weren’t committed to you long term, anyway.

In a recent column, Peter King writes:

What I would say to Bradford:
1. You have earned the right to be ticked off that the Eagles are going to draft a quarterback intended to beat you out.
2. You have not earned the right to go on strike over it.
3. You have been paid massively and so far have not produced to justify what the Rams and Eagles have paid you.
4. You control your fate. Be the best quarterback in camp, and youā€™ll play. Compete.

Yes, yes, yes to all of the above. Do what you claimed you were willing to do last year, Sam: “Prove to everyone that [you] belong here.” Real ballers ball. Plus, you don’t want it with Philly.

Also,Ā effffffffffffffffffffffffffff Chip Kelly.