Obama’s “BLACK” Press Conference

So, I’ve been slacking a little on reading some of my favorite blogs. And I just came across a gem from a few weeks back written by comedy buddy, vigilante pundit, and my personal blogging hero, Baratunde Thurston. The post is about the need for Barack Obama to clear the air and answer all questions and address all issues related to Black people in this country in order to shut the media up. Such a funny post!

Here are my three favorite “questions” from the blog (in no particular order):

  • Many black people believe whites are blue-eyed devils. I’ll take your silence as agreement.
  • Jovaunte Stephens of Atlanta, GA is scheduled for a probation hearing tomorrow. He insists he didn’t do shit wrong. Did he?
  • Where is Tupac? Seriously.

Check it out here and ENJOY!