Steeler Fever

I cannot get this song out of my head! I spent the last few days doing shows in and around Pittsburgh, and as it’s Superbowl weekend, this song was on every radio station ALL the time. The student’s were playing it over the PA at my college shows… Maaaaan.

Even the construction/traffic signs on the Pennsylvania Turnpike were rooting for the Steelers. Pretty sure this sign could have been better used to advise me of the quick merge that was just beyond it. But who gives a hoot about traffic safety when the Steelers are playing for lucky No. 7?

Last nite I was performing at Seton Hill University, and they dressed up the statue of the saint their school is named for — Elizabeth Ann Seton — in Steeler swag. They even moved the time of mass to coincide with the game! These Steeler fans are no joke. And I really hope Pittsburgh wins. Mainly because I stood outside and froze my behind off while Green Bay ended our season and I hate them for that. And if they do win, I hope some of that championship mojo rubs off on the team on the other side of the state.

Exhale… Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone!