… Cause I know those e-mails were about to start pouring in ;)

I figured out the Blackberry mystery and just in case there was anyone else out there wondering how to do this, I wanted to share. I just talked to 3 way more technical people who own Blackberrys (or is it Blackberry’s… or Blackberries?) and they didn’t know either so I don’t feel so bad… When typing alpha characters into a phone field all you gotta do is hold the “ALT” key and type the letter you want to enter on the QWERTY keypad. The letters show up and then when you press “Send” it translates to the numbers. Hooray!!!

You’re welcome ;)

Moviefone on my Blackberry a.k.a. where are the letters?

So… overall I’ve adjusted well to my new-ish Blackberry. As a person who was previously gadget-averse, I have come to appreciate most of the bells and whistles that come along with my Blackberry Curve. But today I was confronted with a problem for which there was no solution (that I could see). All you hi-tech folks, let me know if there’s a way to do this… There HAS to be…

I was riding in my car today on my way to see Tropic Thunder and I needed to call Moviefone to verify the start time of the show and when it came time to enter ‘THE NAME OF THE MOVIE YOU WANT TO SEE” I couldn’t do it because there are no letters on the numeric part of the keypad. I’ve been using phones for probably 27 years or so, but I was paralyzed without the letters. Is Blackberry trying to tell me that I should have memorized this by now? Is there a function that allows me to see the equivalent letters? Or is this the worst design flaw in the history of cell phones? I know that I’m gonna probably feel like an idiot once someone shows me how this works, but I can also imagine calling an office and trying to spell someone’s last name would be kind of challenging, unless of course that person’s last name was ABC.

But I don’t think that’s a very common surname.


And yes, I’m aware that I’m turning this blog into a support forum, but it’s all I got!