Chris Matthews Dyes


I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this.

Every nite around 6-ish I tune into MSNBC for David Gregory’s show, Hardball with Chris and Countdown with Keith. I can’t stand Dan Abrams’ show so I’m tuning out by 9. My mom has the same schedule as we are liberal news fiends.

Tonite though, I was on my cellphone with my friend Herbie when Hardball came on and I was shocked and awed by Chris Matthews’ new dye job. At first I was like something’s different about him… And when I finally realized what it was I couldn’t even concentrate on what Herbie was talking about. I asked him to hold on so I could call my mom on the house phone to see if she was witnessing what I was, and she was like “Oh really he changed it? I didn’t notice.”

Didn’t notice?

Her nonchalance prompted me to Google the following phrase “Chris Matthews dye hair.“ I saw that the Huffington Post crew had posted about it, and I felt vindicated.

This made me think of the time a girlfriend of mine in high school got her moustache airbrushed out of her graduation photos. She’s a cute girl, but she’s had a mustache as long as I’ve known her. And I remember when we got our pictures a bunch of us were standing around and I saw hers and was like “Wow, these are gorgeous! You look amazing! But there’s something different about you. I mean it looks like you, but it looks different too…” I clearly went on too long. It took another friend nudging me and gesturing to her upper lip for me to realize that I’d put my foot in my mouth. BUT, I do blame her too. She knew damn well her face looked empty. We all know she has a moustache. She could have just said something. She knew what I was thinking.

Anyway, back to Chris… The hair is not so bad I guess. I just think its funny that he would go there. Usually people who dye their hair do it gradually as they go grey to retain the color they had. But Chris went all the way white and then started dyeing. That’s bold. And unnecessary. I mean, don’t you like have to be grey to be considered a credible news anchor? Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Lou Dobbs — (insert sardonic smirk).

Anyway, I’m rambling. Do your thing CM. Whatever floats it for you is alright with me. I just hope you didn’t think you could spring this on us without us noticing.