Live at Gotham


This past Wednesday I went back up to NYC for my Live at Gotham taping. Woo-hoo!!! We had to get in town the day before the taping just to make sure we were there and there were no problems. An extra free nite in a funky little NYC hotel? No complaints outta me. They put us up at the Maritime hotel. The hotel was in Chelsea and it was really cute. The rooms were a little small, but the space was gorgeous and they really went all the way with the cruise ship theme. Note the windows. I wish I had taken photos of my cabin/room and the shower. Then you’d really see what I meant.

Anyway, on Wednesday nite, the best friend Michelle who works in the city came by the hotel to evaluate outfit choices before we headed out to dinner. She picked the same outfit everyone else (including the wardrobe manager at Comedy Central) did. Of course it was my second choice, but ended up working well in the end. Then we went out to this Thai Restaurant a couple blocks away from the hotel. It was yummy. Good choice us! When were done eating, Mich had to hop the bus back to Hackensack and I had a show to get to.

My management had a benefit show going on that nite at Stand-Up NY, so me and the two other guys from the agency that were taping the show on Thursday –Nate Bargatze and Mike Vecchione — were on the show as a warm-up. Also on the show were Todd Barry, Rich Vos, Kevin Brennan and Jeff Ross. I was almost scared to talk to Jeff because I’ve seen him rip so many people to shreds at roasts, in my head I’m assuming he’s gonna start busting on me as soon as I introduce myself… Of course he didn’t and seemed like a really cool guy. Oh how I love NY. Continue reading →