Laughing Skulls

This is me with Margaret Cho. I’m the one on the left.

I met her this past weekend while I was in Atlanta for the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. She lives there currently because the Lifetime TV show shes on, Drop Dead Diva, tapes in the ATL. She had such nice things to say about my act. Pretty cool moment. The festival is just in its second year but it was really good — nice intimate venues, great crowds… To save money I drove down and stayed with friends, so I didn’t get the full festival experience of staying in the host hotel with all the other comics. But I still had fun. Didn’t know the majority of the other comics in the festival so it was cool to meet some new folks. I was super impressed with all the talent there. Just goes to show how many comics there are out there who are just waiting to break. Man, if talent were all it took to be famous…

There were a few other DC/Balto based comics in the festival too. So I got to hang out some with buddies Mike Storck, Mike Way, Tim Miller, and Jessica Brodkin.

Me and Jessica

I made it to the finals of the festival but I didn’t win. It was great though — got some face time with some bookers I have worked for in the past, and a few I’d like to work for. They got to see me do some good sets, and the whole trip Wednesday thru Monday cost me just 4 tanks of gas. I know, right? I would definitely recommend that comics apply for this festival next year. It was good and I’m sure it’ll be even better next time! My only suggestion to the organizers would be: Order more sizes in your festival t-shirts. They were super cool but I was too puffy for them. :( I’m gonna hang onto it though… In case I happen to lose 60 pounds.