LOL, wigs, and another reason why my mom is awesome

I love my mom.

In addition to being the greatest mommy I’ve ever had, she is the comedic gift that keeps on giving. Today’s maternal hilarity comes courtesy of the charitable organization Locks of Love. If you’re not familiar with the organization they take donations of hair (10 inches minimum) in order to make wigs for people who are suffering from long term medical hair loss as a result of conditions such as alopecia and cancer.

My mom learned about L.O.L. on TV and decided that she wanted donate her hair. She’s been growing it for over a year. She talks all the time about the temptation to cut it because she likes her hair shorter, but she hasn’t done it because she was committed to growing her hair long enough for the donation.

All good so far, right?

Well, as my mom’s hair is pretty long now, she decided to check out the website for the submission guidelines — exactly how you collect the hair and send it in… and she learned that L.O.L. is only for children 18 and under.

Well, what’s the problem with that, Erin?

Glad you asked. Let’s see if you can figure it out for yourself. Below is a photo of me and my mom:

Me and my favorite girl

Me and my favorite girl

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