Baseball and Bipolar Millionaires

On Thursday nite, I had a show in Williamsport, PA. The name of the town rung a bell but I couldn’t remember why until I called my dad to let him know where I was and he reminded me that Williamsport was the birthplace of Little League Baseball and the place where the Little League World Series is played each year. Oh yeah… Well, from the moment I got into town, it was ALL Little League. EVERYWHERE.

A quick Google search on Williamsport also led me to a Wikipedia page where I learned that Williamsport once had more millionaires per-capita than anywhere else in the world. The whole world. In fact, the mascot for the Williamsport Area High School is “The Millionaires.” This is their logo.

A top hat, gloves and a cane.

Once I found that photo I felt compelled to find out the mascots of the schools they compete against. The Dawgs, The Crusaders, The Mountaineers… And these poor kids have to shout “Go Millionaires!” at their games. In the words (and drawl) of the great philosopher Charles Barkey, “That is TUR-RI-BULL!”

The show went pretty well, and after I was done, I met one of the audience members — a guy named James Nutt — who has written a book called… wait for it… “Confessions of a Bipolar Firefighter.” No really. He’s bipolar and schizophrenic and his last name is ‘Nutt.’ I’m not making that up, folks. Check out his short (10 seconds) video here.

As advertised, right? ;) I told him he should subtitle the book “Let it Burn, No Put it Out!!!” He was a cool dude and he was there with his 3 sons and one of his son’s girlfriend. We chatted for quite a while Fun times.

Now as you know, I’m a sucker for a good museum. That’s why, despite the fact that I’m not a big baseball fan, I had to stop by the Little League Museum on my way out of Williamsport.

I threw out a pitch and took a few swings at the indoor diamond. How do I look?!?? Haha… don’t answer that. Then I went out back to check out the stadium where they hold the World Series each summer. Continue reading →