Less Miserable

So I had a pretty blah day yesterday. You know, one of those days where you get things done, but you’re totally going thru the motions… Throughout the afternoon I was seriously considering not even going to the thee-a-tah. All I wanted to do was curl up on my sofa and fall asleep reading my latest David Sedaris discovery. But then I thought about how my new bud Sara, who I met at the Drag Races and works at Signature Theatre, was sweet enough to offer me theatre tickets and I quickly dismissed the thought. Plus, what better cure is there for a blah day than to get all dressed up and go see a play whose very┬áname suggests that it will help you to┬áfeel less miserable.


Um yeah… Not so much. The play was great! I especially loved the actors who played Eponine, Cosette and Marius — but let’s just say the plot isn’t exactly a pick-me-up ;) I’d never seen Les Mis before. I was familiar with all the musical numbers because I had a roommate who used to played the soundtrack incessantly, but there’s nothing like live theater. I’ve always enjoyed it, yet I can’t remember the last time I went to a show. I’m thinking it had to be like 5 maybe even 6 years ago I saw an off Broadway show called ‘Crowns’… I missed the entire Broadway run of Legally Blonde: The Musical,┬áand my good friend — the fabulous Amber Efe — was in that show for a year and a half. I know, I’m awful. Anyway, if you wanna see Les Mis, and you’re in or around DC, check out the show at┬áSignature — it was great and I believe there are still some tickets available.

But if you want to feel less mis, you may wanna try a little David Sedaris ;)