My GPS makes me happy

***WARNING*** This may be the filthiest blog entry I’ve ever posted. But also probably the realest window into how immature I really am. Try not to be too disappointed in me.

So Saturday morning I woke up hungry. I was in Connecticut so I had to search my GPS for a place to eat.. I put “IHOP” into the search and it led me to this restaurant.

From the looks of it I could tell it used to be an IHOP, but this was the sign out front:

Now perhaps my mind is just filthier than most, but I instantly burst into laughter and thought this could have easily been the title of one of Osama’s pornos.

Cumin India = Cummin Into Ya

Yeah, I’m 12.

I actually had to get out of my car and look in the restaurant to make sure it was actually an Indian spot and not some other filthy-minded person’s idea of funny. Once I realized there were no steak omelettes in there, I used my phone to Google for a real IHOP and then entered it into my GPS. Here is the name of the street that the real IHOP was on:

Dixwell = Dick Swell

Damn you, Hamden, CT!!!

You’re making it too easy. Once my mind starts going off on one of these tangents it’s hard for me to turn it off. This all could have been avoided if they’d gone with ‘curry’ over ‘cumin.’ And even if this is only funny to me and my friends Ollie and Andy that’s OK with me. It made my Saturday.

The end.