Blog-jacking: Race in the race

OK, so I’ve been a little (and by ‘a little’ I mean reeeally effing) upset about this AP-Yahoo poll about how so many White Democrats are unwilling to vote for Barack Obama because of his race. I read it and was embarrassed for/by our party and our nation. It’s not like I didn’t know the bias was there, but damn…

To counter the anger bubbling up in my soul, I decided to post this very funny vlog from my boy Elon — also from TWIB. It seems to have diffused the time bomb ticking within me. For now. Dude I’m gonna have to put myself on a 1-partisan-blog-per-week diet.



Cool new blog: This Week in Blackness


So some of my NYC buds (Elon James White, Baron Vaughn and Reese Waters) started a new blog called This Week in Blackness. So hilarious. They haven’t been up for long, but there are some really funny features on there. My favorite is “IS THIS RACIST – with Baron Vaughn” — a must read for sure ;) Check it out and submit some of your own questions. It’s all in fun and I am willing to guarantee that you will holler at the response he posts. I heart Baron. Such a funny brotha.

Support their site! But then come back here ;) No defecting allowed! tee hee ;)


The ‘A’ word

I am opening for comedy legend, icon, GIANT Robert Klein this week at the Improv in DC. A huge fan of the process of writing, I love to see the greats at work. He’s working on material for his 9th HBO special. Man… can you imagine… A couple years ago, when he was working out for his last special, I went to the club and saw the show 2, maybe 3 times–I can’t remember… So when Allyson, the manager at the Improv asked me if I was available to do the show this time, I was super excited and of course jumped at it!!! I’ve pretty much been counting the days until the show. The first one was last nite.

As a few of us comics were chatting in the back of the room after the show, this woman comes up to me and starts gushing about how much she enjoyed the show–which would make any comic blush. And then she follows it up with “And you… You are so articulate.”

(Insert Screeching tires)

As my boy Dawan would say, I gave her the ‘big eyes’… but then I reeled myself in because really she was trying to be complimentary and I knew that and I could tell she’d just really enjoyed the show, plus she was an older woman. But it got me to thinking what is it about that word that pisses me off so much? Would I have even been bothered by it if I’d never heard Chris Rock’s bit about Colin Powell being so “well-spoken?” Would I have just smiled and taken it as a compliment?

What is it about someone calling me articulate that makes me want to respond with “NO, I AIN’T!” Or something worse…

Back in September, I opened for Mark (Mr. Cooper) Curry at the very same club. And after the show, this young-ish, really drunk white woman came up to me and said, “I really enjoyed you, but you were so white. It’s like you’re a white girl trapped inside a black girl’s body. Then she said the “A” word.

And it took everything I had for me and my diction not to go upside her head. Continue reading →