The Ellen Show on Tuesday 9/16 and the WaPo Style Preview

Hey guys… I just realized that I never posted an entry telling you when I would be on Ellen. Duh. It’s gonna air on next Tuesday, September 16th. I fly out to LA on Sunday and I am super duper excited! If my shirt is a little wrinkled, charge it to my regular dry cleaner who needs two days to press a shirt. I guess I gotta do it myself… My dad is an army veteran and also a clothes horse. When I was younger I used to call him the ‘crease nazi’. Man, I sure could use him now…

Also, if you’re in the DC/B’more metro area, check out this Sunday’s big Fall Arts Preview in the Style section. I will be featured alongside some awesome local artists (dancers, musicians, painters) and patrons of the arts. Can’t wait to see it. We all took individual shots which they will meld into one composite group photo — a’ la America’s Next Top Model. Sounds cool, but I’m a little scared because the reporter I spoke with sent me an e-mail that said, “We have a very funny pic of you smack dab in the middle of the page. Hope you like….” YIKES!

God only knows what that photo’s gonna look like. I predict that my eyes are the ‘very funny’ part. They always are…

Is this my life…? Really?!?!?


I can’t even believe I’m typing this sentence because I can’t believe it’s happening… but I am going to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show next month! HOORAY!!! I’m not sure anyone really understands what that means to me. But it’s just the validation I needed. And right on time.

In addition to just plain being my favorite, she is THE icon for female comics of my generation as far as I’m concerned. So genuine and smart, so original… and she knows who *I* am. That blows my mind. I was contacted by her show after Ellen saw me on Last Comic Standing. “Ellen is such a fan. She was so upset you didn’t advance to the next round.” That was an exact quote! I’m going out to tape in about a month. More info to come later for sure. I’m so gassed. Gotta go write some jokes!