I can’t even believe I’m typing this sentence because I can’t believe it’s happening… but I am going to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show next month! HOORAY!!! I’m not sure anyone really understands what that means to me. But it’s just the validation I needed. And right on time.

In addition to just plain being my favorite, she is THE icon for female comics of my generation as far as I’m concerned. So genuine and smart, so original… and she knows who *I* am. That blows my mind. I was contacted by her show after Ellen saw me on Last Comic Standing. “Ellen is such a fan. She was so upset you didn’t advance to the next round.” That was an exact quote! I’m going out to tape in about a month. More info to come later for sure. I’m so gassed. Gotta go write some jokes!


18 thoughts on “Is this my life…? Really?!?!?

  1. washwords

    Hey, rock on Erin! I’m new to your blog and didn’t even know we had a “last comic standing” in our midst here in dc, let alone a future star of the ellen show. Good for you! And good for Ellen for giving props to comedians she liked even if not THE winner.

  2. Justin Schlegel

    Seriously, i’m freaking out with joy right now. Please let me, and everyone you share the stage with take you out to dinner. This is incredible.

  3. Joe

    That’s awesome and all, but maybe you haven’t heard, I’m on “Closing Time” with Mickey Cucchiella.

    Congrats Erin. That’s awesome.

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  5. Rhonda

    Erin – OHMIGOSH!!! Angi called me and told me that you were going to be on Ellen. I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. It is my dream to visit her show. Please let me know the date your show will air so I can watch. Good luck and I still can’t believe it – this is amazing.

  6. Janet

    Congratulations! We were disappointed the judges were myopic and didn’t vote you in, but how thrilling to be noticed by Ellen. She’s absolutely brilliant. Good job and have fun in L.A.!

  7. Jenny Penny (Ellis)

    Erin you are truly an inspiration! I’m so happy that you followed your dreams. From seeing your very first performance to now, I’m amazed. Can’t wait to watch you on Ellen and whatever is next…

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