New furniture?…

OK so I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods the other day to buy a few sets of free weights.


Those who knew me in my former life know that I used to be ridiculously obsessed with weight lifting and strength training. I squatted nearly 500 lbs. I could bench 235… My strength coach was actually “Mr. New Jersey” — or at least Mr. Rutgers — who can remember the specifics? ;) I spent entire summers with him in the gym. I’ll try and dig up some old photos and scan them. Old school friends, back me up! Y’all remember Rich Refi! ;)


I haven’t really done any weight training so far in GF’09 — mainly because I don’t have access to (or money to join) a gym. But I decided not to let that stop me. I figured at least with a few sets of free weights I could at least do some flies, curls, shoulder press, etc.

Sooooo… here we are.

I’m gonna do my best to get on a regular schedule and not let them just sit in the corner. It’s been about 5 years since I did any weight training at all. So I anticipate lots of pain, but it’ll be worth it. Plus, I’ll be better equipped to handle MSBLKNASTY if she ever decides to come for me ;) Tee hee ;)