Vegan soul food makes my soul cry

I’m out here in LA for a few days and today I met up with my girl, the HILARIOUS, international comedy rock star, Gina Yashere. She suggested we go to lunch at this vegan soul food restaurant she likes.

Vegan. Soul. Food.

If ever there were three words that made me wanna burst into tears… But I’m always open for new things so of course I said let’s go! I ordered the soul food plate with spicy fried ‘chicken’, yams, collard greens, corn, and macaroni and ‘cheese’. I started with the ‘chicken’ because I was the most curious about it. It was breaded and conical, and the consistency was very un-chicken like, but the taste wasn’t that far off. What bothered me was the short wooden stick coming out of the base of my ‘drumstick’. “Ummmmm… what is this, G?” “It’s the ‘bone.’”


In case you’re wondering, that was my spirit sobbing. The yams and the greens were fantastic! The mac and cheese wasn’t half bad. And there was cornbread too. But the ‘chicken’ is what I cannot get over… was like the culinary version of a Designer Imposters Body Spray.

I would like to improve my diet, and clearly vegans are living a much healthier lifestyle than I am, but if this is the kind of stuff you start eating when you move to Hollywood, then I think I’m cool on LA for now.