My new crush and birth control

So most of you who know me personally or read on a regular basis know that I have a serious crush on BFF Angi’s son, Roman. So far I’ve chronicled his disdain for Sarah Palin and his Halloween adventures. He’s super adorable and from all reports is a consistently happy and pleasant baby — the kind of kid every new mother or woman who’s thinking about having a baby prays for. But after hearing the story his mom told me on Saturday afternoon, I’m pretty sure I’m not ready for kids anytime soon. My current dating status dictates that birth control is… well, under control, but if I had a need for it, I would totally get on the pill today.

BFF Angi just posted an entry on Roman’s blog about what we now refer to as Operation Stinky Panera. If you don’t have kids yet, but think you like and/or want them, read this post … just to make sure.

You’re welcome.