B.C. or BBC?


OK so what year is it in England? Really. I was just watching a few episodes of Coupling on BBC On Demand… and why do all the TV shows on BBC look like they were shot in the sixties? The production values are just so low… If their dollar is so fancy, why can’t they reinvest in some new camera equipment for the broadcast network? BBC? B.C. is more like it.

Ha! Zinger! That was almost clever…

People are always talking about how the British version of every show is better. The Office. What Not to Wear. Coupling vs. Friends… And while its true–they’re clever and very entertaining–for me it’s like watching some of those classic old black-and-white films. They’re good once you get in to them, but they don’t look real appealing from the outside. Kinda like chicken pot pie. OK, that last comment lets me know that this blog should be over now. Over.