Fave Facebook Statuses #1

In an effort to keep the posting more consistent when I’m on the road, I’ve decided to begin a new feature here called Fave Facebook Statuses where I post some of my favorite status updates of the week. Some [most] will be mine, but some will belong to some of the other hilarious folks I know — provided they give me permission to do so.

This first one came about as a result of an experience I had this afternoon on my flight from Portland, ME back home. Enjoy. ;)


The phrase “situational narcolepsy’ is my new favorite thing. And I am going to write a bit specifically so that I can use it. Stay tuned…

And find me on FB!!! We’ll have a blast I promise ;)

The BEST description of the WORST breath ever

So I’m listening to reruns of the Steve Harvey Morning Show’s Strawberry Letter 23 — which if you’re not familiar is their relationship/advice segment. Well, a guy wrote in and said that he just found out a girl he is falling for has extremely bad breath… He described it as:

a poo-poo, hot garbage, vinegar and chitterling cocktail.

That is the best thing I have ever heard. I’m still laughing so hard I can barely type. That sounds intestinal.

Poor thing. Either take her to the doctor, or get out of Dodge, but that cannot be allowed to continue.