OK, this is definitely worth a post. So there was a bull running loose through the streets of Newark, NJ this morning – and this is not even the first time that’s happened. Apparently there was an animal control officer working for the city who grew up in South Africa and he was able to lasso the bull after chasing him around for like 10 hours. WHAT?

I think I saw a movie like this. It was called ‘Bullz in the Hood” Oh somebody stop me PLEASE!!! :) The best part of the entire story is that they think the bull either escaped from a slaughterhouse or fell off a truck bound for one. The second option is probably more likely, because you know how stuff ‘falls off the back of trucks’ in Jersey. I think if this bull actually escaped from a slaughterhouse, he should be allowed to live. He’d be a legend.

In other news, I wrote a new joke about the Black National Anthem that I think is gonna really work. Yes, non-Black people. We have a national anthem. None of us know the words to it, but we do have one, so ha! Thing is, you’d think our anthem would have a little more soul to it. I mean, the lyrics are awfully powerful, but the beat stinks. Maybe we could get Kanye to remix it. Don’t write letters Black folks, you know I’m right.

And lastly, I seem to have lost my cell phone once again. The most careless girl in America does it again! I had to call Verizon to suspend the account and apparently the pre-recorded message they have for people who suspend their own service is the same message they have for people who don’t pay their bills. Boo. Verizon customers, I feel like we should get together and lobby for a special “lost cell phone message.” My mama would die if she called me and got that message. Anywayz, I’m off to the Verizon store. Later.

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