Hooray! Way to start the season!!!

Since I’ve got a lot of work to do, I’m just going to break up my comments on this game into two categories:

  1. Things that were fantastic
  2. Things that were not very fantastic

OK here we go…


Coach McDermott and the entire defense (but especially Sheldon Brown and Asante Samuel), DeSean Jackson, Nick Cole, Donovan McNabb, B. West — for looking very healthy… and of course Jake Delhomme. Hahaha ;)


The first half of the first quarter, Donovan fracturing his ribs, the late hit that caused that injury, and all the bloggers trying to put Vick in the Week 3 starting position before there was even a diagnosis from the training room. Shame on them

All in all we looked utterly fantastic… Of course that had a lot to do with the fact that Jake Delhomme looked like a second-string PeeWee football QB. They were right to bench him. Geez Louise… Sometimes picking up where you left off is not a good thing… I pray Donovan feels better soon. But I also know he’s not gonna go out like that. Unless they have to surgically remove all of his ribs, he will be back lickety split! Sending up positive thoughts…


Record: 1-0

One thought on “PHI 38, CAR 10

  1. Dionne

    Erin, Joel and I were at this game on Sunday, I think I’m scared of the Eagles fans. Very scared. That includes my husband, who due to screaming all day by Sunday sounded like DMX’s understudy. I remember hearing things like “The Eagles own this town” then I had to block it and go to my happy place.

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