Hey guys, how cool is this?… I was invited to be one of the ‘celebrity guests’ at the Washington Natioals’ next Ladies Night Event! It’s gonna be on August 14 on the roof of the New Nats stadium — which is like 2 miles from my house! I haven’t been there yet, but I hear its gorgeous. We’ll get great seats in the swanky Scoreboard Pavilion and they’re playing the Mets. What self-respecting Jersey girl wouldn’t be excited about that?

The first 1,000 ladies to buy tickets will be able to attend the pregame happy-hour where there will be food, drinks, a DJ, ME!!!!, all kinds of demos and giveaways — at previous events there have been manis and pedis, makeup demos, etc. So if you’re in D.C. and you’re a lady — or want to attend an event where there will hundreds of ladies ;) please come on out. Should be loads of fun. Hooray!!!

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  2. Isa J

    How FREAKING cool that the advertisement for the event says, “Special Appearance by Erin Jackson”!! AAAAHHH!! (That was my girly moment). Okay – you have officially made it!! I will now and forever more tell people, “Did I mention that I went to school with Erin Jackson?” :-D. Seriously, OJ and I are SO PROUD of you and happy for you!! You give us hope that our far-fetched dreams could come true one day. Plus, you make HU look damn good and you are SOOOO deserving! Sorry for the long comment – I’ve never been known for being succint :).

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