Man what a weekend! On Friday nite I drove up to Syracuse, NY for what turned out to be the best college show I have EVER had EVER. It was a happy hour show. There was wine and food and everyone was over 21. Thanks so much SUNY Upstate Medical for being so awesome!

I woke up feeling so good on Saturday morning that I decided to get up and drive 2.5 hours further upstate to visit Niagara Falls. I had never been — well not that I remember, my mom says she took me when I was a baby — and I figured why not; I didn’t have anything else to do!

This used to be my favorite sign…

But now it’s this one.

When you go to a place like Niagara Falls by yourself, the photos you’re able to take with you in them are slightly less awesome than they would be if you had friends… It took me like 5 tries to get this angle right — thus the face.

Beautiful, huh?

I went on the Cave of the Winds walking tour while I was there and lost a contact lens. No worries though, I had 2 extra in the car. ;) here are a few more photos from my day:

This is the poncho and the sandals they give you to go thru Cave of the Winds. How homeless do I look?!

I clearly had no business being down near all this water with my no-swimming self…

Fun times!!! And the rain gods were totally on my side, because as SOON as I got back in my car to leave it started pouring. Victory!!! It was about another 8 hour drive back home and I had some new jokes in my head so instead of going home, I went straight to an open mic when I got back into the area. I was about to pass out but I got up and got the thoughts out and dammit if they didn’t all go over well! Marathon day, but it was all worth it!!!

Wanna hear what I’ve been working on? Then be sure to come check me when I’m in your area.

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