I did a super-cool benefit show last nite in Baltimore for NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland. It was called The Choice Avengers (a superhero-themed event). It was held at the Creative Alliance and there was an awesome group of performers there, none of whom I’d met before. In light of the big choice we have to make this November, it seemed only right to me to do whatever I could to help raise awareness for this organization.

In case you missed Samantha Bee’s Daily Show Clip about choice, here goes:

Hilarious, right? Well I guess not if you’re “on” the right… I think she “hit this one out of the park” (if I never hear that phrase again, it’ll be too soon). But I digress…

So happy I got the opportunity to meet “smart pop musician” Mara Levi.


If you’ve never heard of her she is awesome with a capital “Q!” She does folk music and pop music and she did a bluegrass number that was amazing. She used a ‘loop station’ — I think that’s the name of it — to build up the background harmonies while she was on stage and did the number as a one-woman band. She also beat boxed and looped that as well. It was like Joni Mitchell meets Doug E. Fresh meets a Dixie Chick. I LOVED it. Check her out for sure!!!

Also on the show was Drag King, Justin Credible. When he told me his name remembered that there was/is a wrestler named Justin Credible and a magician/illusionist named Justin Kredible too. I remember watching a story recently on like A&E or something about one of his stunts gone horribly wrong. He tied himself up while suspended in mid-air and like set himself on fire… didn’t go as planned. Obviously this wasn’t either of those Justins. So again… I digress. Here’s a photo of last nite’s Justin and our superheroine emcee:


The last performer of the nite was dance music singer/writer Michelle Shellers. I really enjoyed her. Her show was great, and backstage she gave me some advice for planning my next road run… Fresh off trips to Russia and Lebanon this summer she informed that “Beirut is da shit!” and that if I ever get the chance to work there I should totally do it. She even wrote it on the back of her business card so I wouldn’t forget…


Michelle, I will file that in my mental rolodex. Not sure how my comedy would translate, but anythings worth a try. In the meantime, I’ll just try to make the most of my trips to Peoria, Illinois and Indianapolis…

All in all, this was one of the most unexpectedly entertaining shows I’ve ever done. Had a great time meeting all the ladies and it was all to benefit a cause I believe in strongly. Stay safe during the storms, east coasters. Talk soon,


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