No really he is.

He’s a few days short of 15 months and he knows his alphabet AND numbers. And not just the song. He can recognize them all on sight, out of order. Don’t believe me? Check out the video for yourself. His mom has finally learned to turn him around in the tub when she tapes so he won’t hate her [as much] when he gets older… And while you can’t see his beautiful little face (click here for more Roman) , his AWESOME is on full display!!!

See, I TOLD you he was amazing… How can you not love this kid? I’m trying to get his parents to gift me his college fund. He’s so smart he’s not gonna need it… And I’ve got “parentheses” around my checking account balance. ;)

4 thoughts on “My nephew is a genius

  1. Jenny

    I have expressed my feeling about Baby Genius Roman but this video just seals the deal. I need to get my eggs together and do some drills with them so they can be on Roman’s status when they get fertilized.

  2. Isa J

    WOW!! He is SUCH a genius!!! Ummmh…can your friend teach me how to do that for my little one when he comes along?! Roman has set a new bar of accomplishment!

  3. Erin

    I bet she could Isa. PLUS they live in Norcross, so you could go over and have Roman teach him himself! Hahaha, I will introduce ;)

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