Since I had the pleasure of participating in Tuesday’s historic events, I decided to put together a little video of my day as a keepsake for me and my friends. And I figured I’d share it with y’all too. We went down to the parade route super early and got a great spot at the corner of 15th and Pennsylvania. We made some new friends, a couple enemies — and thanks to a beverage ban instituted by my friend Keisha, we (for the most part) avoided using the porto-potties. The video is no masterpiece, but I hope you enjoy!

One thought on “Inauguration, Pt. 2: Video Diary

  1. X-tina!!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Soooo glad you made the VIDEO… archive our inauguration / parade experience. Glad I shared it with my fav HU BISON!!!

    I am laughin & cryin at the same DAMN TIME….LMAO!!!

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