I think I know the first place we should look.

My parents’ house.

Why, you ask?…


My mom’s mini magazine shrine to Barack in the family room. Please notice the deliberate octagonal layout of the magazines. After seeing this, I went into their spare room/office and totally expected to see Barack’s face plastered all over the walls, like in a serial killer/kidnapper movie. Turns out there were no [more] photos on the wall but there were several unexplained patches of scotch tape. I’m just saying… Tee hee ;)

I teased her about it. Incessantly. But I totally get that this whole campaign has got to be very surreal for someone who grew up in Georgia in the 50’s and 60’s. As awesome as it is for me, it’s gotta be a hundred times more awesome for folks in my parents’ generation. My mom volunteers for the campaign, and she just wants to save everything she can so that she can reflect on it once everything is all over. I guess that’s as noble a reason as any to stalk someone… but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna make fun of her ;)

2 thoughts on “If Barack ever comes up missing…

  1. Monique

    You should see my mom’s daily apparel. I told her she should get a Girl Scout-style sash to wear all of the buttons she puts on every day, especially is she can find one to match her Obama cap. We are both waiting for our car magnets from Move-On.org.

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