So, apparently it’s Halloween… Halloween has never been my “thing.” I was allowed to dress up 2 or 3 times when I was really little (I’ve seen a photo of me as a pumpkin and one as Strawberry Shortcake), but after that my parents explained to me that Halloween was not a “holiday” we were going to celebrate in our house. As Christians my folks believed that it wasn’t in keeping with their beliefs, so when I was old enough to understand that, Halloween went away. I don’t remember being bummed that I didn’t have a costume, but I didn’t like being one of the few kids that didn’t get to participate in the “Halloween Parade” around the blacktop during recess.

And of course I wanted to get candy. So my parents just bought me a pail full. But they didn’t give out candy to trick-or-treaters. In fact, my dad would put a sign to that effect on the door, turn off all the lights (outside and inside) and tell us to keep quiet so nobody knocked. And I’d always think: is he confusing Halloween with Passover? They’re kids dressed up like Batman and Wonder Woman. They’re not the angels of death…

I’ve never attended a costume party or even dressed up as an adult. It looks like fun, but at this point in my life, I look at it like weed or cigarettes — if I made it all the way to 33 without trying it, what’s really the point? This Halloween I’m at my folks’ house and I’m anxious to see how they handle it nowadays. If hilarity ensues, trust I will report it. Enjoy the cute kiddies, y’all!

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