Should I be insulted that according to Google Analytics, the #1 Keyword redirecting people to my blog is “Rasputia?”

Yes, THAT Rasputia.

A few years ago I did a post about an encounter I had with an audience member who called me Rasputia as an insult, but nearly 3 years later I’m a little worried that so many people are finding me via that keyword. My hope is that these folks were just looking for photos or video clips of that character… But what if they couldn’t remember my name and they Googled “that comedian that looks like Rasputia” and my name came up.

Wait. Hold on while I Google that to see what it yields…

OK. My name didn’t come up. But I’m still feeling some kind of way that ‘Erin Jackson’ is only 4th in the list of names that brings people to my site. Exhale. I guess I should be happy with the site traffic no matter where it comes from.

I need ice cream. :(

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