This weekend I had the honor and pleasure of headlining the main showroom at the Improv here in DC.


I close at other clubs on the road, but there’s something special about the people that have been watching you since you first picked up a mic having enough confidence in you to give you such an awesome opportunity. The management and the staff at the Improv have been AMAZING to me over the years — they’re like family. And at every juncture so far they’ve supported me and even pushed me to take leaps before I even thought I was ready.

Thanks guys for everything!

So many of the friends I grew up with in Jersey have settled in the DC area. A bunch of them came out to support this weekend and for most, it was their first time ever coming to one of my shows! This is my girl Jenny with her two brothers Jamal and Jerome and their friend. They took me out dancing afterwards. We had a ball!

Pre-drinks and dancing... By the end of the night I was leaning like one of the backup dancers in the Smooth Criminal video.

This is my friend/big brother/cheerleader, Joe.

This is my friend/big brother/cheerleader, Joe. Everybody should have a 'Joe' ;)

And this is my former roommate Crystal — the only person (besides my folks — well at least besides my mom) who has lived with me and still likes me ;)

Me and Crys

Me and Crys

Many thanks to all my Jersey homies and my Howard buddies who came out to the shows this weekend, and of course the hundreds of other people who took a chance on this small town girl living in a lonely world (how hard does Steve Perry STILL rock? ;)

You made my weekend!

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