So if you were watching football on FOX at all today, there was no escaping the “Hole in the Wall” commercials. This ‘human tetris’ show that has apparently been a hit in tons of other countries is now coming to the U.S. Another reality game show for which there is no real way to prepare, the funniest part of this show appears to be the reactions of the folks when they see what type of hole they’ll have to fit thru. I feel like there’s no way some of these people could fit thru the spaces allotted for them. I mean, shouldn’t they at least have a chance?

I received 4 phone calls today asking if I had seen the preview for the show where there is a puffy woman who has a memorable reaction (Oh CRAP!!!) when she sees that she’ll have to fit into this one particularly awkward, and obviously impossible shape. I found another clip on Youtube where someone taped the commercial so it’s posted below. But I can’t tell if it’s really, really funny or the meanest thing I’ve ever seen. As a puffy girl myself, I feel kinda bad for her. But again, no one forced her to try out. Would I be willing to exploit myself that much for 15 seconds of fame and some prize money? (ahem, ahem… ‘asks the girl who just competed on Last Comic Standing’ — yes I see the irony). Are you gonna/did you watch the show? And if so, what’s your take?

Yeah you’re right. It’s pretty damn funny.

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