Oh man, it really doesn’t get much better than this. This weekend, one of my girlfriends turned me on to this website called www.dontdatehimgirl.com. Yes, that’s right. I had never heard of it before, but apparently it’s pretty well known. The whole purpose of the site is for women who have been scorned (can you even use the word ‘scorned’ like that? I’m not even sure if it sounds right if you don’t say “a woman scorned”. A “scorned woman” doesn’t sound right. He scorned her. She was scorned by him? Doesn’t sound right to me… anyway) to put their exes on blast. When you get onto the site you can search by the guy’s name or by the city in which you live and you will see sometimes dozens of stories about how a guy did a girl wrong, what a dog he is, everything, down to the STDs he might have. It’s crazy. And then you can make comments, add things or cosign on what is already there. You can even put pictures of the guy up. This site is out of control!
 The reason my girl knew about it was because she put a guy on there and she wanted me to read what she’d written. But after I was done with that, I decided I’d search the site for some of the guys I’ve dated. Shoot, if they weren’t on there already, most of them deserve to be. I was searching thru the DC listings, and I came across someone that a girl I know is currently dating and OH MY DAMN… the entry was… shall I say… less than flattering and pretty dead-on. So I forwarded it to another girlfriend of mine who passed it on to the current dater of said man (I’m trying to use bad grammar today, thanks), and I think I stirred up some drama that didn’t need to be. I didn’t mean to get anyone upset. I just couldn’t believe that people actually take the time to put that stuff out there. Cause while it’s billed as a ‘sisterly’ kind of service, it’s quite evident that the goal is to make these guys look as bad as possible. Now I’m sure some of them deserve it, but you can tell some of the entries are blown totally out of proportion. “Don’t date Kevin Washington. He is like soooo mean and stuff and if you sleep with him on the first date, he will totally not call you the day after. He’s like the devil.”
 Really? I bet he is. BTW what’s your name? I’ve got a site I’d like to put you on. It’s called sitdownho.com. Anyway, I said all that to say ladies, you might want to check out the site to see if your man’s up on there or if you just want to see how raw some women can be it’s good for hours and hours of fun… and fellas… well, y’all should check and see if your name is on there. And watch who you do wrong from now on! Tee hee!

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