I just got back in from a weekend in Indianapolis at Morty’s Comedy Joint. Used to be a Funnybone and now it’s under new management, owned by Jersey homie Eric Shorts. Beautiful room. They treated us great. Hope to be back soon. But as soon as I got there on Wednesday I started hearing all the weather forecasters talking about this snowstorm that was gonna hit on Friday and Saturday. Huge accumulations. Between 8-10 inches. But I figured, this is Indiana. They gotta know how to handle snow up here. I’m sure they don’t go into a panic like we do down here is DC every time we see so much as a flake…

But when it didn’t hit Friday, the weather dudes said oh it’s gonna be Saturday into Sunday — Now it could be up to a foot of snow. So then when it snowed Saturday morning and stopped by like noon, leaving like 2 inches max, they were like, oh this is the calm before the rest of the storm. It’s gonna start again late Saturday nite and by Sunday morning it’s gonna be terrible. Brace yourselves… But still nothing. Then when it didn’t snow they were like OK, OK, but it’s gonna rain, and then that’s gonna freeze and THEN it’s gonna cause big problems… Sheesh, turns out the weatherfolks in Indy cry just about as much wolf as they do down here. I don’t even think the whole storm dumped more than 2 and and half, maybe 3 inches… but it did put a damper on our Saturday nite shows. Nevertheless, the folks that did come out came out to laugh, so we had a good time.

I was on the Bob & Tom Show while I was out there. They’re based in Indianapolis, and it was big fun. Me and the headliner went on right after Jim Gaffigan and Louis CK… ah… just to imagine I was in that league made my day :) They had me on the website and everything. But the highlight of the show was when I made Tom laugh so hard he spit water out of his mouth and thru his nose… Thank you, Thank you, I was there all week ;) I e-mailed the show for the audio, but it won’t do the moment any justice. Dammit, I wish there was video. He was asking me if I had other talents besides comedy — did I sing or something and I said no, but a lot of people think that I should sing… and he said oh its probably because you have such a beautiful speaking voice. And I said nah, I think it’s because I’m fat and black but thanks for that… nose water all over the console.

It was beautiful.

Hey, this is me with Bob and Tom.

And this is me getting my tongue stuck on an ice sculpture of a reindeer. Why? You mean why was it in the comedy club in the first place?

Oh, you meant why was my tongue on the reindeer…


This is me and my hero, Bill Cosby — or as close as I’m gonna get to it for a while.

And this is your brain…

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