Eddie said this in an interview the aired on BET the other nite. For all ya’ll who keep lauding his role in Dreamgirls as the “Comeback of the Decade,” I guess he told you! Ha ha ha… Sure he hasn’t made a Beverly Hills Cop-caliber flick in decades, but he has been around. I mean Donkey is the best character in both the Shrek movies by far. Back from the bank… That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard (y’all know I’m prone to exaggeration… but it was pretty damn funny.) Well I gotta cut this short because my fave TV show, LOST is about to come on. I’m soooo ready for the second half of the season. And since I can’t afford Tivo or anything like that, no shows on Wednesdays until that show goes into hiatus. Hol-ler.

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